Change of Pace

Summer is in full swing and boy are we feeling it down here in Texas!! I hope you are staying cool wherever you are and that you are finding rest and renewed energy in this season (despite the heatwaves...). I'm so thankful for the school year rhythm that comes with this job. Summer gives us time to connect more with our support teams, to rest, to travel, and just comes with a more laid back pace of work. I know most jobs don't have that luxury and I don't want to take it for granted. It's just one of many things your generosity makes possible for us. With that, I do miss seeing my students so often! They too are resting, traveling, working, and attempting to change their pace for the summer which is good for them. I love that the campus I work on is a junior college and most students are from the area which means are students don't go far away for the summer - almost all of them live here! So I still get to see them and we love getting ice cream together and going to the pool.

In May, all of our campuses invited students we see leadership potential in to a conference in Washington called the Student Institute of Campus Ministry. We sent 10 students from Collin - all of whom I've gotten to know a bit this year. They were all new to FOCUS this year and have jumped in with intentionality and their hearts for the Lord. Above are the students we sent with two of our campus pastors who went with them! These students chose to give up 10 days of their summer not for vacation but to go learn about campus ministry and to prepare to come back in the fall with more tools in their belts to meet new students and lead their peers.

Every week over the summer we have Summer FOCUS - a fellowship night for all of our students in the area over the summer to come fellowship and worship together! I love this time together because I get to meet students from other campuses and students from all across the metroplex get to connect and see the greater vision beyond their own campus.

Prayer Requests
  • Pray for our team as we consider who we want to ask to be student leaders in Collin FOCUS this upcoming year.
  • Pray for our students to continue pursuing the Lord with less structure over the summer.
  • Pray for purposeful rest and not laziness for everyone in summer mode right now.
Thank you for your commitment to our students and your generosity! This ministry couldn't operate without the sacrifices of all of our ministry partners - you all are truly a blessing to me, our students, and the kingdom.

With love,
Jacy Garcia



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