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It's Fall Y'all!

Things have been going by so quickly, I didn't even notice we were in October! I'm way overdue for an update here. Not too much went on last month which is refreshing considering this season can be pretty hectic any other year. I'm enjoying the chance to continue to slow down and be present in all of my interactions with people. The picture above is my Thursday core (small group). It's in Frisco for Preston Ridge students and I lead it with Bailey (on the left). So far, only one girl, Amanda (on the right), has come every single week. We've been meeting and inviting people on campus, but it's been hard to get traction. I'm really proud of their attitudes about it - instead of being discouraged by the smallness of it, we've embraced the opportunity to have even deeper friendships. When we meet for core, we meet for about 3 hours because we all have the flexibility for that in our schedules. We listen to the sermon, have discussion, then sometimes we'l