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Motivation is in the Quest

Greetings, friends and family!  Many thanks to my cofa (co-small group facilitator) and friend, Kortny, who just texted me "motivation is in the quest" and gave me a blog title. I think it's suitable for *some* of my blog content. I'll let you decide as you read! I apologize for a delayed update. October is a packed month every year between midterms and events. On top of that, weather is constantly jumping from nice and breezy 70s to freezing, rainy windchills. Around here, we call this season the "October Blues." Cores (small groups), student leader meetings, and staff meetings have been filled with discussions surrounding perseverance and gratitude. We so often fixate on challenges or negative things happening in our lives that we're blind to anything good. To be honest with you, I've had my fair share of negativity this last month. Of course, it's good to acknowledge hardships or struggles, but when I find myself wallowing in th