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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to you!! I hope you had lovely holidays and are warm and well-rested for the coming year. I'm incredibly thankful for a job that gives me a two week break for Christmas. Because of this, I was able to go see my parents and one of my sisters for a whole week after spending some time at home in Plano and with Alex's family. December flew by, as students were only in classes for a week of it before final exams. I do remember those weeks getting colder and colder, though, so I think we were all ready for some time off of meeting together outside in the chilly air. I am grateful that we can keep on meeting safely that way and that our weather is still very fair in comparison to most other options. So I'm eager to get back to seeing students regularly and getting this semester started! Here are some family pictures from the break! Something we did right at the end of the semester was an outdoor worship night. A generous church near Collin College let us use their l