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Collin Focus at Fall Camp! Welcome to fall, friends! It's only just begun to cool down in Texas, but we still have days that reach into the 90's. The heat couldn't stop us from having a great Fall Camp this month!! Our theme this year was community. We wanted to take advantage of our time experiencing community to also share why it's so valuable. One of my favorite points from the weekend was that community is not about me or us being good - it's about God being good. We are all broken people serving each other - pastors, students, apprentices, corefas (student leaders), everybody. Here are students playing a survivor game at fall camp! Cody and I planned games for the day and he has super creative ideas. It was fun to laugh with our students as they instructed blindfolded pairs to find puzzle pieces and put them together. I've been to Fall Camp four times before, but only as a student. Being an apprentice this year opened my eyes to all of the be