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Summer, is that you?

This is definitely a summer for the books as it's certainly one like no other. Every year I have my own expectations as the season approaches - as I'm sure everyone does. I've been inside so much mid-day that when I went out to run errands at 3 in the afternoon this week, I was confused by the 100+ degree heat and why I couldn't cool down more quickly. If you're wondering if I'm laughing at myself as I type this - of course I am! Aside from not having a "normal" summer, it has still been one of rest and preparation. God has been present in all things and shown me so over and over again. This is not a recent picture! But it is from a time when all of our student leader ladies got to get together at the park one night. A lot of them are transferring to universities this year, but probably not in the way the originally planned. And some are staying at Collin this year - which will also look radically different. Please pray for our returning and transferri