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Spring is on its Way

January was the perfect month to kick off this semester: we had two weeks of planning before students came back, then two weeks to get the ball rolling with our ideas! After evaluating our fall semester, we realized 3 needs our overall Collin FOCUS community had: togetherness, engagement with scripture, and learning how to pray. With that, we separated into little sub-committees to take initiative in each of these areas. One thing our team really values is initiative. This is hard for me because I typically doubt my ability to come up with good ideas, but it pushes us to think outside of the box and try new things. When something fails, we troubleshoot as an entire team and come up with a new plan! I'm on the prayer team and we've got some things planned ahead, but the togetherness committee has been doing a great job of getting our students to be together, safely, this semester. We found that our students were really missing community and living life together, so they brainsto