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Fruit That Will Last

Happy spring to you all!! This semester was a blur...but the good kind. It went by so fast, but it was productive, sweet, and fruitful. I apologize for not getting these updates out too frequently this semester. I really did get caught up in the swing of things. But I've got quite a few pictures and fun things to share from the semester. The picture above is all of our women ministers at Collin and our 6 girl student leaders. Every Monday night we would all meet together for dinner and talk about life, ministry, and Jesus. We kicked off the semester with our annual Winter Camp. This one was extra special though - it was our first in two years because of COVID. Every campus in the DFW with FOCUS invites students to this weekend of building relationships with God and community. The turnout was awesome - around 400 people total - and we got to see so many friendships form and deepen. Above is a picture of all of our Collin students who attended which is incredible considering only abo