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New Year, New Events, Same God

I took a mild hike with some of the FOCUS staff team on our retreat  To kick off the year, our entire DFW FOCUS  staff team spent a few days together at a cabin in south Texas to connect with God and each other. Our time together was restful and really helped me ease into this next semester. One of our ministry partners from Washington, Brady Bobbink, and his wife Shirley came to lead Q&A sessions about all sorts of ministry topics. They lead a campus ministry in Washington that has taught FOCUS and trained many of our leaders over the last 20 years. Our partnership is very special and I’m so thankful for them being willing to come spend a few days with us to help develop our team. Our staff retreat let me catch up with old friends from Denton (Reagann on the left) and new friends from other campuses (Tana on the right) Here's an attempt to capture one of our Q&A sessions with Bobby After our hike, someone in our car led us to a scenic overlook to catch