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Happy fall y'all!! This semester has been flying by, but I'm trying to slow down and take in the day to day moments I get to be part of with so many sweet people. The picture above is from Fall Camp which we had at the beginning of October. We had around 70 students show up and that's a pretty big deal to us. You might think that's unimpressive or numbers don't mean anything ~ and don't get me wrong, if only 5 students came to camp we would've been over the moon excited and that would've been successful to us. But being at a junior college means our ministry has very high turnover. Students join for a year, maybe lead for a year, but typically transfer after 1 or 2 years. COVID, for many obvious reasons, plus our turnover rate, really meant we were dwindling coming into this school year. In August, our leader team (picture above) consisted of our team of 10 campus pastors and 13 students. We had a handful of returning students that didn't join our le