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Learning and Loving

Happy holiday season! Next time you hear from me, it'll be 2020! I'll save my then vs. now reflections for my next blog. So definitely check back for some awkward photos and maybe a story or two.... Pizza Theology! Every semester we have an event called Pizza Theology. It's two hours of lecture, one hour of pizza and socializing, then two more hours of lecture. This might sound daunting, but our speaker was captivating for the entire 4 hours. Mary Poplin came from California to speak about her book  Is Reality Secular?: Testing the Four Global Worldviews. We had between 400-500 students come from all of our campuses - I love seeing students eager to learn and love God with their minds! Most of the girls from my core (small group) at Pizza Theology! This month we wrapped up our Old Testament class with a Skype call to Iain Proven from Regent College. We listened to an entire semester's worth of lectures from him and he graciously gave us a full hour to have