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Wrapping up 2021!

Happy Christmastime!! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. My parents and one of my sisters, Kelsey, came to visit us in Plano this year which was a fun change - though I certainly miss our annual Campbell family Thanksgiving feasts. The last couple months have flown by for me and I can't believe our students are in their final week of the semester! It's been so nice to be back in person with students and to get to spend more time on campus together. I'm still blown away by the growth our community at large has experienced in one short semester. Throughout the semester, we continued spending a bit of time on campus every Tuesday to meet students and invite to hangout with us. One of my favorite activities we did (thanks to our apprentice Renee) was bring super mini lego sets and invite people to come build little animals they could take home with them! I loved getting to know students while we did such a creative hands-on activity! For the last several years, Collin FOCUS