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There's No Such Thing as "Too Human"

A beautiful double rainbow I saw last week! I know we have about two more weeks until summer officially begins, but considering it's 9 in the morning and I'm typing this in what The Weather Channel says "feels like" 88 degrees - Happy Summer! It really started to feel like summer for me May 30th - the day after my apprenticeship ended. Yep - May was the last month of 10 and I'm still not entirely sure I believe it was that long. While there's still work to do, the first week proved to be more restful than the school year. I already miss having classes and filling most of my hours with course work, but now I can focus my efforts on fundraising and getting to know more students. This was the last Core (small group) we had of the year! We had a sweet time reflecting on memories and looking ahead. Classic Zoom snapshot lol. Enough about this new month, though. I'll share about it next month. May was as good as an end-of-year could be in the middle