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Theme of Thankfulness

The girls I meet with have been giving me a hard time this week because I've used "thankfulness" as a cop out for everything - conversation starters, small group discussions, this blog title.... So here I am to share with you a few things I've been thankful for in life and ministry over the last couple of months. The picture above is a few of the young women who are part of Collin FOCUS - both returning and new - at a Fall Festival a few weeks ago! The church that hosts us for our Thursday Night Fellowship threw this festival for us and served us dinner which was a huge treat for us. I appreciate our partnership with them and their hospitality that blesses us above and beyond week after week.                         This is my coworker, the apprentice I supervise, and my dear friend, Katherine! She painted a pumpkin on my face at the fall festival which I now realize is very hard to see in the photo. And she hosted a cookie decorating event on campus a few days before

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