There's No Such Thing as "Too Human"

I know we have about two more weeks until summer officially begins, but considering it's 9 in the morning and I'm typing this in what The Weather Channel says "feels like" 88 degrees - Happy Summer! It really started to feel like summer for me May 30th - the day after my apprenticeship ended. Yep - May was the last month of 10 and I'm still not entirely sure I believe it was that long. While there's still work to do, the first week proved to be more restful than the school year. I already miss having classes and filling most of my hours with course work, but now I can focus my efforts on fundraising and getting to know more students.

Enough about this new month, though. I'll share about it next month.
May was as good as an end-of-year could be in the middle of a global pandemic from a Zoom student banquet, an entire new class in two weeks (also Zoom), and beginning our ministry-wide virtual summer Focus. I think everyone is a bit sad at the way things en…

Short & Sweet

We only have one month left in this apprenticeship! And May is proving to be a full month to close it out. This last month, however, has been slow-paced as we've adjusted to virtual ministry. Because of this, the apprentices have been going over spiritual disciplines in one of our classes. It's been really helpful in this season to help us think through how we can spend some of our extra time. Some we went through were prayer, surrender, and solitude. At the beginning of April, I was pretty anxious and uneasy about all of the changes. It wasn't easy to pray and surrender that by any means, but God has been so sweet in providing me with peace and joy. It isn't every day that I have a better outlook or feel completely at ease, but God has been faithful and an extravagant giver. I've also seen that as I've been building my team for the next year. Each one of you has been a valuable member to my team this last year, and I'm so thankful for your generosity and p…

Virtual Reality! (And Big News!)

Cue Jump5's "Virtual Reality" intro... It's stuck in my head now since I decided that'd be my title. My sisters and I used to listen to this band on repeat.

Well, April 1st came and went and unfortunately everything going on was not a big April Fools joke. It's been a strange few weeks of ministry and I imagine it will be for the next few months along with everything else. Thank God for the technology we have in this day and age to be able to continue on our work from home. Literally everything has moved to video format: classes, meetings, one on ones, small groups. Our transition could not have been smoother. I've been blown away by the turn out from our students. My core (small group) has still shown up consistently every single week to read scripture together and share about how we're doing. We're exploring ways to deepen our roots in Jesus during this season with so much additional down time. I'v…


Good afternoon, team! I wanted to let you all in on our ministry's game plan. Below the next picture is a letter from our FOCUS director, Brandon Worsham. I'm thankful for the technology we have that allows us to continue campus ministry even though we don't expect to be on campus again for a while. I want to say thank you to all of you for your support even through this time. If any of you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out. I know some people are losing income in this time, so if you are concerned about finances and need to make adjustments, please let me know - I completely understand! I can't help but think of our community's theme for the year - Steadfast. While I don't think this situation is ideal or to be glorified in any way, what a great opportunity to lean in to our steadfast God and offer him to others who are struggling to find peace amidst the chaos.
Lord let us not forget your steadfastness.
Love you all. Jacy Garcia

To t…

February Update

It feels like it was just a few days ago I sent you my last update - time really is flying! February was pretty short, but still busy between New Testament class, a few big events, and day to day ministry. I'm excited to be heading into a five day spring break which I'm hoping with be a strong springboard into the final quarter of the year. Alex and I are going to spend a couple days in South Texas just to get away for a bit. Along with exploring, I'm looking forward to slowing down and having some time to reflect and prepare for what's next. Our entire staff team is praying about what our students need in the coming months, so I intend to spend some time in prayer about that. Alex has a promising interview next week and I invite you all to join me in praying for him. This job process has been slow-going and frustrating at times, but he's been patient and diligent.

Once a year we have a Family Night on our regular Thursday Night Fellowship night so students can inv…

New Year, New Events, Same God

To kick off the year, our entire DFW FOCUS  staff team spent a few days together at a cabin in south Texas to connect with God and each other. Our time together was restful and really helped me ease into this next semester. One of our ministry partners from Washington, Brady Bobbink, and his wife Shirley came to lead Q&A sessions about all sorts of ministry topics. They lead a campus ministry in Washington that has taught FOCUS and trained many of our leaders over the last 20 years. Our partnership is very special and I’m so thankful for them being willing to come spend a few days with us to help develop our team.

FOCUS was planted out of a church called Northeast Church in Garland, TX, which has since grown into a family of five churches across the metroplex. The Sunday following our retreat, all of the churches came together for a large service to hear from Brady. It was so cool to see all of the different churches along with students from various campuses come together.
Right bef…

The Horizon

Happy New Year!! The semester came to a smooth close and now we're gearing up for the spring. We started off the new year with a staff retreat where I caught this picture of the sunset. This horizon perfectly captures the peace I feel leaving last year and walking into 2020. I'm hopeful and excited as I look ahead, but December had great moments to end 2019.

When I last sent out my blog, we were kicking off our Keep FOCUS Growing campaign on Giving Tuesday. Our goal was $36,000 to match that same pledged amount. With students, our goal was $5,000 to match. We ended up raising more than $10,000 over our original goal! Thank you for your prayers and contributions. As I learn about all of the expenses needed to keep a non-profit ministry going, I'm consistently blown away by the generosity of our supporters. So thank you thank you THANK YOU!

Before finals week, we invited students on each campus to write Christmas cards to children in the hospital. Here are some thoughtful s…