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Virtual Reality! (And Big News!)

A picture I never, ever, would've imagined sharing on a blog! This was one of our first apprentice classes via Zoom this month. It's hard not seeing these friends in person for class, but we've found ways to relate and find moments to laugh even over the computer - like Josh who made his background a picture of our teacher, Ronnie. Cue Jump5's "Virtual Reality" intro... It's stuck in my head now since I decided that'd be my title. My sisters and I used to listen to this band on repeat. Well, April 1st came and went and unfortunately everything going on was not a big April Fools joke. It's been a strange few weeks of ministry and I imagine it will be for the next few months along with everything else. Thank God for the technology we have in this day and age to be able to continue on our work from home. Literally everything has moved to video format: classes, meetings, one on ones, small groups. Our