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You're Invited!!

With weather determining so much of what we're able to do, February was kind of a crazy month! Thankfully, our next big event is 100% virtual so weather shouldn't being a problem - and you're invited to join us!! Every year we have a big fundraiser in the spring called Spring Showcase to raise money to send students to a conference in Washington called the Student Institute of Campus Ministry. Typically, the event is a talent show (but even better because our performers are incredibly talented) along with an art show. Since we can't do that in person this year, we're having a virtual show along with a one night only online shop with exclusive limited edition FOCUS merchandise! All of this will help us raise funds to invest in student leaders! We don't have all of the details ironed out yet due to COVID, but we are planning something in place of the Washington conference because this is something we really care about. Since this event is virtual, I get to invite