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Not your average July

We were able to have our last Summer Focus all together, outside, distanced, with masks!  As I mentioned last month, things are obviously far from our "normal" summer. But the last few weeks of July were a great reminder to me that I still have more than enough blessings to count, and, even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, I have a lot of constants still sticking around despite all the changes. As the summer went on, our team realized virtual events were getting harder and harder for people. There was significantly less engagement and people were missing out on relationships. In order to add in that missing piece, we had students meet for Summer Focus in small groups throughout the month of July. Each one was led by a staff person to help maintain social distancing and to facilitate different components we wanted everyone to experience each week - worship, scripture, discussion, relationship. We also kept a Zoom option for people who were uncomfortable meeting in per