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This is Adriana, another apprentice at Collin College this year. Here she was having the time of her life at our staff retreat and I was wondering when I would ever be able to get off of the tube. I can't believe it's already September. It feels like I was sitting in orientation for the apprenticeship just yesterday. School has officially started and the apprenticeship is in full swing.  Adriana and I both moved from Denton to do the apprenticeship, so she's been a comforting, familiar friend. She's been our team hype woman over these last few weeks with reminders to follow through and work hard. This is the majority of our corefa team in the final portion of our preparation day. We sang a few worship songs together and everyone shared a personal vision for the ministry this year. We call our leaders "corefas" because they facilitate our small groups, also known as cores. All of our corefas commit to about 15 hours of ministry on top of classes a