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Short & Sweet

We only have one month left in this apprenticeship! And May is proving to be a full month to close it out. This last month, however, has been slow-paced as we've adjusted to virtual ministry. Because of this, the apprentices have been going over spiritual disciplines in one of our classes. It's been really helpful in this season to help us think through how we can spend some of our extra time. Some we went through were prayer, surrender, and solitude. At the beginning of April, I was pretty anxious and uneasy about all of the changes. It wasn't easy to pray and surrender that by any means, but God has been so sweet in providing me with peace and joy. It isn't every day that I have a better outlook or feel completely at ease, but God has been faithful and an extravagant giver. I've also seen that as I've been building my team for the next year. Each one of you has been a valuable member to my team this last year, and I'm so thankful for your generosity and pa