Friends, Family, and Rest

How are we already halfway through summer?? June went by very quickly between fundraising, summer fellowship nights, and a couple trips. But between all of those things it's been restful. At the start of the month, Adriana and I took some of the student leaders we spent all year with to Galveston for the weekend. Her parents very generously let us stay with them AND made us delicious food so that we didn't have to eat out the entire time. Our time together was sweet, purposeful, and super restful. Each one of these girls is easy to spend time with and had a great attitude no matter how long we sat in traffic, how hot it was while we waited in line for things, and when our plans changed last minute.

From left to right in the picture above: Adriana, Hannah,
me, Bailey, Bella, and Adriana. We wanted to take this trip with them because it was really hard to have regular random life things with them. Normally, Adriana and I would invite students over for movies or coffee, we might take them on errands with us or explore random things in the DFW together. But because of the pandemic, we were limited on things we could do together. I'm so thankful we were able to get this time together. We had lots of laughs, a few tears, and great conversation. Even in the silent moments, I could tell everyone was content resting in it around one another. All but one of the girls who came on the trip with us are transferring, graduating, or transitioning out of college ministry and into adult ministry in a church this upcoming year so I'm glad we were able to have one last hurrah with these girls all together before they all go their own ways. These girls were students during Adriana and I's first year on FOCUS staff together. I'm so proud of how they have each served and loved each other, students in their classes and small groups, and us! Please be praying for each of their next phases of life and for Adriana and I as we continue building relationships with our incoming student leaders!

At the end of June, Alex and I went to Kansas City for my sister's wedding! This was the first time our immediate family had all been together in a year and a half. I like to feature them on here because they obviously hold a special place in my heart and have been my biggest supporters all of my life. The picture above is from the morning of the wedding when we procrastinated getting ready and instead watched tiktoks and laughed about who knows what. I love that our family is growing and I love each my sisters' husbands, but just my sisters and I got to take 24 hours away from everyone to be together at Kelsey's in-laws' lake house. More very generous people who made it free for us to getaway!! We couldn't remember the last time just the 4 of us did something together! The picture from the top of the page is from the sunset we saw that evening.

This last month I've had several people partner with me and help get me closer to my fundraising goal!! I'm currently $500 per month away from my goal. Please pray for my team and efforts to get there by the end of July. I'm praying for 5 more donors at $100 per month or 10 more at $50. If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining my team, please let me know!

I hope your summers is going well! Here's my phone number and email address if you'd like to share any summer memories with me or if you have any people you'd like to connect me to for fundraising:
(423) 400-6647
With love,


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